Nucleus Farm Overview

All wet season crops have been harvested and marketing ongoing. At present, the nucleus farm is midway through the dry season and currently growing the various crops listed below:

 Sugar cane: – seed cane is being cut and propagated out under pivot to expand the seed stock. This in turn will be cut and planted out as commercial sugar cane later in the year.

Cutting and preparing sugar cane for transplanting

Sugar cane being transplanted

Groundnuts: – currently a total of 142.5ha of groundnuts are being grown under pivots. Of this, 12.5ha are grown for seed and trials. Harvesting of groundnuts is due to start on the 20th February, 2017.

Groundnuts almost ready for harvesting

Onions: – 8ha onions have been planted out in the drip section.

Hoeing onions on drip irrigation block

Hoeing onions on drip irrigation block

Maize trails: – there are a number of maize trials being grown under pivot.