The Nucleus farm -May 2018 updates

The SKIP (SISILI – KULPAWN IRRIGATION PROJECT) irrigation project has enabled the Nucleus Estate to have 2 cropping seasons in each farming year – the WET SEASON (April to September) and the DRY SEASON (October to March.)

The dry season ended on a positive note. Very good yields were received on the onion crop planted in the drip irrigation block. Going forward, IWAD will concentrate more on commercial seed development and thus has already done some seed production in the just ended dry season. The seed maize grown under centre pivot irrigation yielded well as did the seed ground nuts and seed soya beans. The dry season focus has also been on land levelling and road building which will improve water drainage during the heavy rains falling in the wet season.

A large shed has been erected for seed crop grading and crop drying as well as providing shelter for valuable tractors and farm equipment.

The 2018 wet season is almost upon us. Temperatures are hot and storm clouds are building up. Land preparation for the wet season has begun.  The focus this farming season is on seed crop production. Two varieties of seed maize will be planted. One is for the production of hybrid seed maize. The second is an OPV seed maize variety.  Two varieties of seed soya beans will be planted for the production of much needed seed soya beans in the country. Seed sorghum will also be planted and used for seed production. These crops will be planted with irrigation and continue to grow with the rains expected this wet season.  Harvesting of crops will begin in October 2018.