A readiness of the private sector to contribute to the Northern case !


A shifting landscape for development; targeting large scale investments and link them with private sector initiatives
Reconnaissance study (Royal HasKoning) commissioned and funded by Wienco


MoU with SADA signed
Strategic Partnership agreement signed with Wageningen University and Rebel group
Hydraulic assessment (HKV consultants), environmental scoping and project feasibility (AGRICANE Ltd), initiated for Sisilli0Kulpawn Basin and funded by Wienco


March 2013 – Additional funding secured from the Dutch Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) for the Sisili – Kulpawn flagship project.

April 2013 – Start up Integrated Water Management and Knowledge Transfer flagship project


Start- up expansion out – growers support (rainfed) and conservation farming in the overseas area

Design and build irrigation scheme

EIA, feasibility and design dam (XXL project)

Start up 250 ha Nucleo Farm and 150 ha smallholder irrigation support

Feasibility and EIA for dam


Construction dam


Expansion of modernized agricultural practices (sugar and rice estate, out – grower and rain fed farming support)


Creation of 15.000 news jobs and contribute directy to food security and income for 100.000 families Targeted investment 600 M Euro

Promoting and attracting new investments in the agri- business contributing to food security and security issues