PICA updates

Three demonstration farms have been established with small solar applications at three different locations close to water source, one at Kpasenkpe, another one at Yagaba and the IWAD nucleus farm estate. Over 50 farmers have so far participated in the demonstration farm training on how to use small solar applications for the cultivation of vegetables and other crops in the dry season. Various crops such as pepper, onions, groundnuts, maize, cowpeas, okro and water melon were planted at the three demo locations and crops are at different stages. Onions, pepper, groundnuts and okro are at harvesting stage.

PICA is collaborating with the Yagaba senior technical High school to use one of the demo farms as a school farm to practically train their Agric students and interested teachers on the use of solar for irrigation farming.

Processes for the construction of the major 0.8MW solar infrastructure for the nucleus estate will start very soon as the contracting process is advanced with a very reputable company.

The project has entered into partnership with the Yagaba district assembly to provide solar power for the operations of the Community Information Center (CIC) which has never functioned since its inception. Renovations to the center is completed, manager of the ICT hired, various stakeholders of the CIC have been sensitized on the purpose of the CIC and operations will start in few weeks’ time.