Reconnaissance soil survey in XL communities

A reconnaissance soil survey led by a local consultant in the person of Dr. Ganiyu Shaibu from the University for Development Studies (UDS) and a sugarcane expert in the person of Mr. Jerome Havel from Terra Mauritius was carried out in Kpasenkpe and its contiguous communities. The survey is geared towards phase II of the SK Project in the Mamprugu Moaduri district. It was carried out in four (4) days from 7th – 10th October, 2017. Four (4) communities have been earmarked for survey of their lands. These include: Kpasenkpe, Bulbia, Yama & Mishio.

Subsequent to community entry and soil reconnaissance survey in the earmarked communities for a proposed upscale of the Sisili-Kulpawn Irrigation Project, a learning visit by the communities to the current project site in Yagaba was organized by IWAD. The trip came off on Friday, 03/11/17 and involved all the communities in the proposed study area. The communities that participated were Kpasenkpe, Dibsi, Yama, Zua, Mishio and Wungu with a total of twenty one (21) persons including chiefs. The purpose of the trip principally was to educate the communities on the IWAD project in the Mamprugu Moaduri district and boost their interest for a proposed upscale project in their areas.

Smallholder farmers explaining the SHI/CA concepts to the visitors